Jesus Changing Lives in the Prison

The Chaplain from the Monroe prison sent me a heartfelt letter this week about the impact GLS has had on the 77 inmates.

Read on a few comments from the prisoner’s: 

“As with any in-prison experience, my expectations are always very low. faith based experiences also can be predictable. This summit was not.” PA

“Everyone could use leadership skill sets. In prison, these kinds of conferences change mindsets and create opportunities for prisoners.” PA

“A better understanding of the culture map will help em to better navigate the prison culture that is very diverse.” PA

“Best organized group participant thing I've done in my whole 19 yrs of incarceration.” DD

“Would I like to participate in the Summit again next year? 100X yes.” D.D.

“Being in prison sometimes takes away memories, I had leading and teaching outside.  Here I was inspired to reopen myself.” LS

“…For me to not give up on leading since I’m now a convicted criminal. I sometimes think life if over, but truly its a fresh start to press on oil Christ’s return.” LS

“I’m Mongolian and I just found out that it’s translated to Mongolian too.” N.O.

“The messages being spoken plant seeds in the minds of prisoners that are considered unworthy or devoid of cultivatable and barren minds.” SR

“I plan to live intentionally, actively participating in the things of life. Also using the gifts given to me to advance other people’s lives, to make it better.”  T.N.


That's Jesus Changing Lives in the Prison through our servant hearted Prison LifeTeam. 

Much Love,

Phil McCallum