Cultures Coffee House Fund

Make a Safe Zone of Hospitality

Give to the Cultures Coffee House Fund and receive a custom 20oz Hydro Flask coffee tumbler of your choice! That's not all, for every dollar you contribute to the fund you will receive back in free coffee! The special benefits of the fund will only be available until May 1, 2017. Don't miss out on your chance to make Cultures Coffee House all that it will be. Plus, treat yourself to some amazing coffee. 


Contributing to the Cultures Coffee House Fund is easy:
1. Fill out the form "Contribute to the Cultures Coffee House Fund" by clicking on the link and letting us know your prefernces.

2. Give your gift by clicking on the "Give to Cultures Coffee House" button and selecting the "Beautify Fund" option.

Color Options:


Once you've submitted the form above, please secure your gift by clicking on the Give to Cultures Coffee House link and selecting the "Beautify Fund" when giving. Thank you!


You will receive a $25 gift card to share when CULTURES COFFEE HOUSE is open. Keep the generosity going by giving them to people who normally don’t go to church, but need a place to be seen, heard and loved.