At Evergreen Church, one simple vision is our passion:


Jesus changing lives through you.


This means we develop each person to live a missional life for Christ by worshipping, serving and changing in a team.

We lead people through three phases to achieve our vision.

  1. Worship to love God with daily devotions.

  2. Serving to love our neighbor in a LifeTeam.

  3. Changing to make disciples of Jesus through discipleship courses.

Evergreen Church exists for Jesus to reach people who don’t attend our church yet. We serve a bedroom suburb of Seattle called Bothell. Our town brings together warm community, tech/health industries and a university campus.

Bothell is booming. Our town center is going through a massive redevelopment bringing more people. Large developments of new homes are bringing more families. Local schools are overflowing. A new high school is being built soon. Oh yes, we are home to one of the largest Hindu populations in America. Ninety-six percent of Seattle do not attend church. So we resist passivity and encourage involvement in Jesus' mission to change lives.

We are passionate about equipping people to become healthy leaders to influence people. We are focused on Jesus. We believe the Bible is the word of God. We honor God’s word by making it interesting. We believe all the gifts of the Spirit operate today. We are charismatic but balanced. We believe Jesus and his church are the hope of the world. We are evangelistic, but not shallow.

We are elder governed, pastor led and volunteer driven. We are an autonomous church, in relationship with churches like New Life (Colorado Springs), New Hope (Honolulu) and A2A (Australia). Senior pastors from these churches serve as covering pastors and visit our church regularly. We also have a consulting relationship with Gateway Church in Southlake, TX. 

Evergreen Church’s Culture

We listened to our community and searched the scriptures, in order to chose seven values that form the spirit of our ministry.

INCLUDING… we love people

GRACIOUS… kindness changes lives

PASSIONATE… hearts on fire

SERVING… a spirit of joy

CREATIVE… keep it fresh

IMPROVING… excellence is attractive

INFLUENCING… inspiring leaders

Evergreen Church’s vision to change lives:


We see Evergreen Church more dependent on the Holy Spirit finding amazing answers to prayer. We aspire to create more times of prayer and more space in our facility for praying. One of our biggest prayer requests in this season is this: that the Lord builds a robust team of leaders, in the sweet spot of their gifting, who together can host over 1,000 people to attend our church on Sundays.


We see Evergreen Church with Alpha at the hub of all we do and our church as an Alpha hub church in the region. The Alpha Course is a hub of prayer, witness, baptisms, worship, groups, discipleship, serving, and future leaders in our church. Everything we do flows out from Alpha. We will depend upon the Holy Spirit to have a disproportionate influence to spread The Alpha Course in the Pacific Northwest. Christ walking with us, Evergreen Church will walk boldly through doors that open to us in our region and around the world. See


We see Evergreen Church vital, renewed and youthful. We have a vision of biblical youthfulness.  The church is living in the last days foretold by Joel and in Acts 2. Previous in world history, only 3 generations lived at the same time. Today five generations share the planet together. Biblical youthfulness is a church where older generations are revived through friendships with younger people, and younger people are more successful because of the influence of the mature. According to Acts 2:17, we aspire to be a church where all ages interact with one another. When the Holy Spirit is poured out, young people speak forth God’s word, the mature are inspired by the visions of the young and the young learn from the dreams of the seasoned. We will also pivot ourselves to be ready in coming years for the arrival of more university students from Northwest University, and the coming residential campus of Cascadia College and UW Bothell. 


We see Evergreen School of Leadership, mentoring influencers with a sharp harvest edge. Through Northwest University, churches like Evergreen are able to offer online and live courses. These can lead to Associate of Arts, Associate in Ministry Leadership, Bachelor of Arts in Business Management, Bachelor of Arts in Ministry Leadership, Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management, and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. We anticipate a School of Leadership to incorporate leadership development for community involvement, an internship for church ministry, and Worship Team Academy. We can see the day where Evergreen Church will be full of leaders in development. We can see the day where Evergreen Church is able to launch new campuses and to release leaders to other churches because our bench is deep. Our focus will be leaders with an evangelistic outlook who first follow Jesus, then lead themselves and ultimately lead others..


We see Evergreen Kids offering children the same caliber of Sunday events that their parents experience in the auditorium. We will complete our decor of kids spaces. We aspire to open another large kids space on the second floor through remodeling. We will continue to plan for family ministry growth in our future building additions.

We see Evergreen Youth growing its own leaders, growing in evangelism through Youth Alpha, and expanding into a full worship room of passionate students influencing all schools in our area for Jesus.


We see Evergreen Church as home to people from all over the world. The word “home” implies that people of all cultures will feel comfortable, included and free to be curious about others.  We will open CULTURES COFFEE HOUSE to the public in 2018. Evergreen Church will be known for amazing coffee and Masala Chai. We aspire to be the highest-rated coffee shop on YELP in Bothell. Through this our love of the nations will be one of our defining marks in the city. We also hope to add  another continent to love. Evergreen Church loves Africa through Steven Myanja with World Outreach. We will explore the subcontinent of India through the work of Empart and Jossy Chacko. 


We see Evergreen Church honeycombed with LifeTeams because Alpha and Sunday meal tables spin out into homes. Community should become our normal next step. LifeTeams will become our primary way to be cared for by others. The simple reflex of Alpha to LifeTeam will become our pathway into community. We will lead to have an even higher retention of people new to Evergreen Church because they found this church to be home.


We see Evergreen Church led into the battle for souls through worship that takes ground. We will make Evergreen Night of Worship a regular event. We will launch Worship Team Academy through our School of Leadership. We want to see a deep bench of worshipers not just for Evergreen but to resource other churches in our region.


We see Evergreen Church making room to welcome more people. In the short-term, we can see two large multipurpose  rooms on the second level for kids and staff through remodeling. We can also in the short-term make more room by maximizing the online campus experience. Medium-term, we can see an addition on the east front of our building to create a dining room, lobby, more kids space and restrooms. Long-term we can see other projects including a south addition to our building for multipurpose meeting space, maximizing the seating capacity of our auditorium and enhancing our campus street appeal to bring our community to church.


We see Evergreen Church free from our mortgage because we paid it off $100 per square foot, one room at a time. This will free us to finance construction of an east addition in 2019 or 2020. Since 2005, Evergreen people have given six million dollars toward land and buildings on our campus. We dream of the day that the $2.2 million dollar mortgage that remains will be paid off square foot by square foot. Our campus mortgage is provided through a Christian lending fund, that gives us amazing flexibility. When we pay in advance on our loan, we can redraw from it for future construction. We also dream that for the first time in Evergreen Church history, that our building fund will receive a gift in excess of $1 million dollars.


We see Evergreen Church transforming Bothell and surrounding communities by serving in doors that open to us. Currently these include our friends at the City of Bothell, Bothell Police and Fire Departments, Bothell Kenmore Chamber of Commerce, Northshore School District, and Northshore Schools Foundation. This is part of our vision to equip Evergreen leaders to influence the seven mountains in our city.


We see Evergreen Church transforming Bothell and surrounding communities by serving in doors that open to us. Currently these include our friends at the City of Bothell, Bothell Police and Fire Departments, Bothell Kenmore Chamber of Commerce, Northshore School District, and Northshore Schools Foundation. This is part of our vision to equip Evergreen leaders to influence the seven mountains in our city.