Seven Reasons to Stop Living a Dehydrated Life

Some people feel apprehensive about baptism. Perhaps they don't feel good enough. Some would like to wait until they feel ready. Often they would like to patch up a weakness to be ready to come to Jesus.

Catherlein felt that way. She was one of the first persons that I ever baptized. Age had taken its toll. As a senior, her bones were brittle from osteoporosis. Catherlein found Jesus after attending my first church membership class. She went home thinking of how unworthy she was. Then she saw a picture in her mind of Jesus on the cross. It seemed that Jesus looked at her. She felt his great love. She knelt on her arthritic knees in the hallway.

Baptism made Catherlein so alive! Her crown of white hair, her flashing smile, and white robe made her baptism night stellar. As her eyesight faded, Catherlein would hold a Bible, blazing lamp, and a huge magnifying glass to read word by word. She lived 12 saturated years with Jesus before she went to heaven.

How can you come out from a dry life alone to be immersed into Jesus?

READ Luke 3 (Consider Jesus’ baptism)

WRITE your SOAP journal first, share with friends.


If you feel unready to be baptized, here are a few things to consider.

1. Jesus was Baptized. If the Son of God (who had no sin) was prepared to humble himself with sinners and be baptized, then we as sinful humans should follow him.(See Matthew 3:13-16)

2. Baptism Humbles Us. It is very difficult to impress others while dripping wet! Baptism is a humbling act begins a new attitude of living. (See James 4:7-10)

3. We Need to Repent. We humans cannot change how we feel, but Jesus can change us from the inside out. Baptism kicks off godly sorrow that leads us to hate the things we once loved and to love the things we once hated. (See Matthew 3:2)

4. To Receive the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit falls on those who are baptized, because he is drawn toward humility. (See Acts 2:38) 

5. To overcome the devil. Baptism sets you up for victory because you defect from satan's evil empire and enter the Kingdom of God. Going public declares Jesus Christ your Lord! (See Matthew 4:1) 

6. To Die to Sin. When you are immersed under the water, you die to your past, and when you come up you are resurrected to live for God. (See Romans 6:3) 

7. To be in the Body of Jesus. Baptism ends our aloneness. We are included into a huge family with God's kids who have all had the same birthing experience of baptism. (See 1 Corinthians 12:13)

What about those baptized as infants? Your choice to be fully immersed like Jesus is honoring your parents' faith. What they did for you by faith, you are now doing as an act of your will. All the first Christians were all baptized within hours of putting faith in Jesus. You can be too.

Is there anything keeping you from being baptized today?

If you have been baptized, what does your baptism mean to you?


When all the people were being baptized, Jesus was baptized too. Luke 3:21


Father, I follow Jesus into his humility today. There is nothing I can do to make you love me more. There is nothing I have done that will cause you to love me the less. I come to you just as I am. Grant me power to live a new kind of life. Amen.


  • Watch this video of baptisms at Evergreen Church